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Hey, I'm Downie, welcome to my corner of the internet. This site is to showcase my skills I have gained over the years to find some freelance work. It's what I am calling a workfolio...

Work History

BF Internet 2008-2009

Website Designer & Front End Developer

Designing and developing small and medium-sized websites for various clients, both locally and internationally.

Carrot Media 2009

Website Designer & Front End Developer

Designing and developing websites for an agency in Newcastle.

Armitage Online 2010

Website Designer & Front End Developer

Senior designer for a small size agency specializing in bespoke standard based websites and applications for small & medium businesses across Northern England.

Unit Interactive 2011

Visual Designer

Working with the US-based design agency. I worked there on a short term remote contract for a period of six months.

I was responsible for working on visual designs and websites for in-house projects and client-based projects

Freelance 2010-2013

Website Designer & Front End Developer

Interactive design and branding for clients ranging from local businesses to large multinationals. I designed everything from logos to iOS apps to full-blown website content management systems.


Art Director

Working as an Art Director specialising in retouching I helped create content for a range of brands from Heaven Hill Distillery. Work ranged from all forms of digital campaigns (Landing pages, Social Content, Email Newsletter Designs, Advertisements,) and print (Magazine Advertisements, Bar Carts, Stadium Wrappers). I also did most of the retouching for the social posts for their brands, digital artwork and photography).

I also got to work on cross-brand promotions for clients such as Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Bellator MMA and CBS.

Website Design

I have years of experience of what it takes to create website designs. I have chosen to showcase only the recent website work I have done over the last few months. I can create impactful responsive websites, these can either be hand-coded using CSS grids or built using Elementor and WordPress. I am equally confutable doing both.


Go Burrito

I worked with the owners of GB to create a new brand and website for them. We worked together changing the brand to a more Northen Soul feel. To support this I created menus, posters etc and a new website. The website was coded using the new css grids layouts but going to move this over to WordPress soon as we are going to be adding a store.

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I have had a creative partnership with the largest Torrent News site for over a decade. I was responsible for the last three iterations of the site design. I have worked closely again with them for an updated design that is going live any day now. This a high trafficked site and had to be considered when designing for this.

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Big 7 Travel

Big 7 Travel is an up and coming travel site with big aspirations. They have a social reach with over 2 million users and feature unique content listings for travel goers. I worked with the team to give the brand a refresh and take a premium theme they had and customise it. Using WordPress with Elementor Pro paired with ACF we have created unique guides and content.

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Matt Navarra

The ever so likable and social influencer Matt Navarra and I are working on a site for him. I am still in the design phase but this will be coming within the next couple of weeks. This will be built on WordPress and the aim is to give Matt a place where people can find out more about him and what he is up to.

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Email Design & Dev

Over the years I was responsible for the design of quite a few brands emails but never did the development. Towards the end of last year, I freelanced for the agency Rivendell for brands such as JD Williams, Jacamo, Simply Be where I designed and developed responsive emails. These were tabled based layouts that utilized code to show different designs per device.


I can create all types of artwork to be used for Print and Digital Campaigns with the speciality being composite work. I can create impactful original artwork from product images and create layered images from stock photography and blend them all together. This is really ideal for fun playful content that’s impossible to create.


While working as An Art Director I retrained in all areas of retouching, this section is to showcase some product retouching I can do. These included things like colour correction, object removal, texture clean up, glass work, objects added, label creation, label clean up. These were predominately used for print campaigns, social media and digital. It was my responsibility to make sure all images worked within the brand goals and target market.


After spending a couple of years retouching other peoples images I decided to get a camera on my 30th birthday and try my hand at photography. I started posting my work on my instagram and slowly taken off from there. These are just a small collection of images of Landscape/Cityscape and Portrait photography. I have a full website coming soon with portfolio and editing tutorials on youtube.

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Remote Working

Due to my location in The North of England, remote working works ideal for me due to relocation not being possible yet. With remote working, I can manage the project with tools such as Basecamp and Video calls.

My Timezone is GMT but I can work anywhere from PDT to GST, I will just need to confirm timezones at the start of the booking.

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On-Site Working

As mentioned I am based in the North of England that has easy access to cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. I am willing to travel and work on site. Minimum 5day booking for one site.

I can also travel to London/Edinburgh as I am located on the Western mainline train. Can discuss this over email.

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