Bumble App - Screen replacement


Retouching of the screens for Bumbles three main areas of business. Bumble Date, Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz.

The Ask:

A couple of months ago I worked with the team over at Bumble to take some imagery they shot and get it ready for screen and print. The ask was to take 48 images that they have shot and retouch the backgrounds, phones and replace the screens to show their product inside. There are three main areas that they focused on now, Bumble Date, Bumble Biz and Bumble BFF. Each section had its own set of backgrounds and rules to follow while maintaining a consistent look and feel across them all.







Programs Used:

Adobe Photoshop


Image example provided by client.

First off I deiced on working on the screens of the phones. My original idea was to find the same phone and overlay it but this found out to be too problematic and wasn’t ideal.


PROBLEM - Reflections

One of the main issues with this was the face the phone details picked up the backgrounds, so these would have been taken care of with colour layers masked.

Problem - Multiple Angles

The other issue I came across was the fact the phones all have a slightly different perspective depending on the location of the phone to the camera so replacing would look off to the trained eye.


The solution was to go in and mask every screen, sometimes this allowed me to reuse masks but most of the time I re-masked every phone. this wasn’t the fastest approach but one I found to work the best.

Different phones

The final reason what stopped me just replacing the phones was the fact they are all different. This was to help show Bumble was open to all devices and not just the latest ones.

Finished example
Image used on the website


Like I mentioned in the inro there are three main aspects of the company now, Bumble Date, Bumble Biz and Bumble BFF. Each section had its own background colour shot on cards as well as one that showcased multiple colours.


In the lay-flat one, I remade all the backgrounds. These were cards placed on top of each other and they interacted with the light and there is a slight texture I wanted to remove for consistency.

In Hands

Same with the version where the phones were in hands. The lighting caused the background to change colour and banding in areas.

Background remade for consistency
Shadow's remade on fingers and thumbs


Lastly, the shadows needed to be uniform across all these. There were differences between each shot due to how naturally they form. Fingers or thumbs cast a shadow over the screen and the light source moved slightly between these, so unifying them helped consistency,

Fingers & Thumbs

Every time a finger or a thumb comes in to contact with the phone I had to cut the finger out and add realistic shadows.

Two Shadow types

On the lay-flat ones, I created two shadow types. One that matches closely to the original photo and another that matched the finger and thumb shadow.