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Find out how you can hire me so we can work together. I am looking for both long term and short term projects. Remote and on-site.

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Lancaster, England.


+44 7368210810

flexible working around you


Remote is my prefered way of working as I have a home office set up. Working remotly allows me to work with agecnies and brands across the world. I can manage projects via basecamp, monday.com or your own internal project menagment app. Calls and meetings can be done over video confrencing. My working day overlaps most western timezones and if the need arises I can work on your time zone.


If you require me to be on site for the duration of the work or come in for meetings that limits me to the North of England. As I am from Lancaster it’s around a hour to hour and half to Cities such as Manchester and Liverpool on the train. I can work further afeild but that would require accomodation.


I have a couple of clients that have asked abut retianers. This is something that I am open to. A retainer hires me for x amount of hours per month for a discounted rate. These are best when you need a long term partner that shares your creative vision. Price is useully 15%-20% off project fees.