Branding, Web & Graphic Design


Full rebrand of a local cafe-restaurant chain with a number of shops, included a responsive website, logo, photography and graphic design to grab the attention of the new audience.

The Ask:

I have known the owners of Go Burrito for a couple of years and consider them as close friends, so it made sense for them to come to me with a brand overhaul. The brand overhaul consisted of a new logo, positioning, website, social media, print and graphic design.

Working with the guys over there we were able to create a brand that works well with the new target audience and helps give off the trendy Northern music vibe with a Mexican twist.

The main challenge that I came across was the project started out as a new logo for the shop and then it grew from there. I was working on print material before I set fleshed out the graphic styles fully. this was the nature of the project as it grew over time. Also this was my first time desining something from scratch in Adobe XD.




Go Burrito


Art Direction, Branding, Stratergy, Social Media Design, Print Design, Responsive web

Programs Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Visual Studio Editor

The Old Brand

Items from the old brand, looked dated and wouldn't appeal to te new TA

The old brand came out of a flavour revolution idea that the owners went with. While it worked in places and when paired with just the one shop it worked but going forward they really needed a refresh.

New store, New customer base

With a new shop opening-up on Lancaster University campus, it changed the target audience to be a younger crowd. It was already moving from everyman naturally.

OLD - Everyman

The everyman user was aimed at people who have just finished work or are about in Lancaster and want some tasty food in a relaxed atmosphere or to take-a-way.

New - Student

The student is mostly looking for a place to get some tasty food at a reasonable price. As a younger crowd, they tend to eat in groups and looking for a more social experience.


I sat down with one of the co-owners one evening and planned out the logo and ideas. Jim is from Manchester and is a big Northern Soul fan. With the new TA and the fact music plays a big part in their life we thought it would be a good way to tie it all together. We decided to take the iconic Northern Soul logo as inspiration and add my own twist.

Redrawing of the hand from the old logo.
Logo taking shape
Final logo - Rings reversed & teture added.
Logo on T-Shirt
Outside the Lancaster Town Shop

The website

I made a recommendation that the new website should be a single page as its not content-heavy and didn’t need updating that much, adding items like social feed made the site feel like it is updated more than it is.

I designed the site in XD and then coded it into CSS Grids as I wanted to get my teeth stuck into that. It was quite a challenge as I had never done it before and not coded in a couple of years. If I was to do this again, I would add some WordPress functionality to it and built it with Elementor.

We wanted to feature on the follwoing areas:

1. The Intro – Image with the shop or food to promote brand
2. The Story – Quick story section to find about them
3. The Menu – Designed to match menus in shop
4. Location – Find quickly the new stores.
5. Food Div – New Item to show catering side.
6. Social Hub – Let people find GB on social
7. Work at GB – Contact and work enquires.

Wireframes of the Website
Example of Nacho's shot and retouched.

Website Photography

The site and social needed some imagery to use on the site. I started to concentrate on only top-down images as it is part of the branding. I set up my home studio (3 light set up) to capture all the imagery we needed. Each item was shot on both white card so we can match the texture or black slate I sourced that matched the background really close. Then retouched them to get what we desired.

Graphic Design

As part of the rebrand, we created over time some different types of graphic design. I created posters, menus, flyers, social media, gift vouchers and proposals. This is just a small selection of the work.